February 01, 2006

The Lords are at it again

The Lords are at it again, protecting our liberties. This time from a nasty bit of censorship that was being feed through by New Labour as part of the War on Civil Liberties. Luckily the unelected toffs and cronies where there to put a stop to it
peers changed the Terrorism Bill to ensure police have to ask judges before telling internet providers that web pages should be removed.
Yes the House of Lords was indefensible as a wholely heriditary chamber, until the tired tyrant Blair managed to find something even worse when he reformed it with. With all these defeats no doubt he is itching for some more 'reform' to turn it into the compliant yes men that his original reforms where aiming at. Quite frankly I agree with DK we cannot take the risk of letting him have another go with his reforms. One day he will be gone (unless New Labour decides to trigger the Civil Contingencies Act due to the national emergency of a possible electoral defeat), and then we can start to put things back in order. But to allow more constitutional change while New Labour is going to be the ones shaping it is simply too dangerous.


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